Prometheus Upgrade!

Prometheus, the stalwart former gaming PC that has served for 14 years (as a server for 11 of those years) finally got a major component upgrade.  The “new” components are far from new or bleeding-edge, but are a major bump up from its Core2 Quad and DDR2 RAM…

The new specs:
ProcessorIntel Core i5 4590 @3.3GHz (Stock)

RAM 24GB DDR3 1600MHz

Graphics Intel Iris 4600 (Integrated)

Motherboard Asus Q87M-E


The chassis and power supply are the same.  Some of the hard drives were changed and some were added as this hardware opens more options.

Aside from the obvious bump in CPU grunt and max RAM (32GB), I can now utilize the numerous SAS hard drives I have laying around.  This board has a spare PCIe slot that will accommodate my SAS RAID cards.  The newer CPU has better virtualization support, so this Virtual Machine (which runs the webserver and KalistoRO Ragnarok Online server) is noticeably snappier.

As for the old hardware?  The previous motherboard, CPU, and RAM (which I removed as an assembled unit) all still work.  I don’t know what I will do with them yet.  That hardware bundle served me quite well for a VERY long time – so I am not too keen on just tossing it…


Nemo Aurathan - King of Kalisto

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  1. Nemo says:

    While I do not need the extra grunt now, I am considering upgrading the CPU to a Core i7 (4790) for those extra threads…

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