Selan Utara

Selan Utara

Full Name – Selan Athena Utara Aurathan
Race – Alterran (Long-Lived Human)
Gender – Female
Height- 1.57 Meters


Left Hand – Roldan’s Judgement (Sword)
Right Hand – Roldan’s Sanctuary (Heater Shield)
Headgear – Liliana’s Valkyrian Circlet
Chest – Liliana’s Valkyrian Brigandine
Lower – Liliana’s Valkyrian Skirt
Footgear – Liliana’s Valkyrian Greaves
Accessory – Roldan’s Constitution (Pendant)


Selan (Pronounced: Say-Len) Utara is an Alterran female with medium-dark skin and a medium-muscular build.  She was born in the town of Dale, Northwest Miraan along the Dakteres River.  Selan is level-headed, but a bit brash.  While not quite arrogant, she is certainly confident in her abilities.  She does not back-down from a confrontation.  This tendency can be attributed to her upbringing.  Selan was born into a very accomplished lineage.  Selan’s Mother, Liliana was commander of the Valkyries – an all-female segment of the elite High-Guard that specialized in high-agility combat.  Her father, Roldan was a Paladin and commander of the Sentinel Citadel – a heavy-armor-clad segment of the High-Guard that specilized in protection – especially of the Royal Court.  With such powerful and accomplished parentage, Selan was destined to be a formidable combatant.

Selan’s combat style combines elements of her parents’ disciplines into an art all her own.  She is fast and agile like a Valkyrie.  While quite fit, she relies on precision strikes versus attack power for high damage.  She adopted a modified form of the Sentinel art of shieldsmanship to fit her physique and style – opting for a smaller, much more maneuverable heater shield over the massive kite shield that is typical for a Sentinel.  Her Katric powers serve to enhance these abilities – with skills adding to her agility and stamina as well as increasing the effectiveness of her shield – and even allowing her to use it offensively.

Selan would come to join Nemo Aurathan’s quest to re-take his kingdom.  The relationship between the two was contentious at first – fueled by the normally self-sufficient Selan being rescued by Nemo.  She would quickly become his right-hand in combat.  Though she would never admit it, she developed feelings for the deposed heir.  Soon enough, the feelings were no longer able to be hidden.  Not too long after Nemo’s quest concluded with the restoration of Kalisto, Nemo and Selan married.

Selan’s equipment mostly consists of items inherited and gifted from her parents.  Her equipment features heavily of griffin skin, corodite, and Valarian steel.  All of these materiels are extremely rare and are known for being remarkably lightweight while being incredibly strong.


Roldan’s Judgment – A medium-length, double-edged sword custom-made for Selan by her father, former Sentinel Citadel commander Roldan Utara.  The blade is solid corodite and is etched with platinum.  The pommel is an expanded formation of the blade, not a separate piece.  The hilt is Valarian steel with a dragon’s tooth grip with platinum etchings.  The name, like that of her shield and pendant was given by Selan to honor her late father.  Roldan’s Judgment is a extremely light-weight, fast sword and is almost indestructible.  The corodite blade allows Selan to focus Katra through it for various effects – including hurling energy-bolts.  Selan wields Roldan’s Judgment in her left hand.  The sword stows in a behind-the-back griffin-skin scabbard when not in use.


Roldan’s Sanctuary – Custom-made by Roldan Utara by cropping down a Sentinel’s Wall shield to heater shield-size.  The corodite and Valarian steel shield is light-weight and nearly impenetrable.  Charged with Selan’s Katra, Roldan’s Sanctuary can be used as a projectile weapon – being imbued with energy and thrown at enemies, stunning them and dealing damage.  Inscribed on the inside of the shield is: “I am your sentinel.  Trust in that I will always protect you”.  The name for the shield was given by Selan after Roldan’s death.  Selan hoists Roldan’s Sanctuary on her right arm.  The shield rests securely on a notch on her scabbard behind her back when not in use.


Liliana’s Circlet – The platinum-etched Valkyrie headband once worn by Selan’s mother was passed down to her.  This is an elegantly-simple headpiece that was enchanted by the Order of the Valkyries for their then commander, Liliana.  It was later further enhanced by Liliana herself by transferring her essence into it before her death.  Liliana’s Circlet offers Selan increased resistance to mind-based status effects such as silence, sleep, confusion, etc.  It also clearly identifies Selan’s house with the Utara crest in its center.


Liliana’s Brigandine – This mid-riff baring chest-piece was the upper portion of Liliana’s Valkyrian battle armor set during her service as the order’s commander – and as with all of Liliana’s armor, was enchanted.  Constructed with griffin-skin with riveted plates of Valarian steel and corodite, this lightweight armor is very protective while offering freedom of movement.  Liliana transferred her essence to Selan’s armor upon her death increasing its capabilities.  Liliana’s Brigandine wards off immobilizing status effects such as stun, freeze, and petrify.  The accompanying bracers increase attack speed, accuracy, and resist poison effects.


Liliana’s Skirt – This enchanted mid-thigh-length plated skirt served to protect the lower-body of Liliana and now does so for Selan.  The slotted, pleated griffin-skin skirt is reinforced with riveted Valarian steel plates with corodite inserts.  This lightweight skirt has a tendency to flow under rapid movement, sometimes exposing more than intended – a lamented, but accepted compromise of Valkyrian skirts.  Upon her death, the normally conservative Liliana comically warns Selan to be mindful of this compromise.  Liliana’s skirt is enchanted to increase agility and evasion.


Liliana’s Greaves – Griffin-skin leather boots with shin-guards.  Both the boot as well as the guard were adorned with Valarian steel plates – much like the rest of the armor set.  The footwear was enchanted with the ability to increase movement speed, stamina, and leg strength.


Roldan’s Constitution – This is a pendant gifted to Selan by her father Roldan during her training.  It consists of a carved Welkund stone with the Utara house crest and suspended on a string made of chimera mane fur.  Like the rest of Roldan’s gifts, she named it after him following his death.  The pendant increases Selan’s strength and allows access to the Smite skill.