Category: Kalisto Wallpapers

These are desktop wallpapers made by a member of Kingdom of Kalisto (almost all are by Nemo). Most of these are for older desktop resolutions, but there are a few HD ones in here. Kalisto has not turned out a wallpaper for a while. The He-Man wallpapers are the newest – and at present, the only ones in wide-screen aspect ratio.


Update 2/1/2018 – I added a “new-old stock” wallpaper that I had in my incomplete projects folder for a few years.  It was pretty much complete, but I wanted to add something more…and never did, so it sat for like...


You’re Under Arrest

This is another series that I have not actually interacted with beyond making a wallpaper.  I might check into it one day.  This is an older wallpaper – formatted in 1024 x 768.


Sister Princess

I have not interacted with this series in any way besides the one wallpaper I made.  I may look into it one day.  This is an older Kalisto wallpaper, so its only available in 1024 x 768.


Final Fantasy VII

Like many that owned Sony’s first PlayStation console, I played the hell out of Final Fantasy VII.  This was a great game, and a great technical achievement of the time.  That said, I think the game’s hype overshadowed its quality....



This was an interesting series.  That persistent count-down of days until Mahoro’s shut-down was kinda of a downer though.  The ending being rather bittersweet.  I didn’t really feel the OVA though.  An enjoyable series nonetheless.  Like all of Kalisto wallpapers,...

Street Fighter Series

Capcom’s Street Fighter franchise is the the fighting game genre’s best known by far.  I used to play Street Fighter II in various forms on SNES quite a bit.

Cardcaptor Sakura

This was a suprisingly complex series given its target audience.  It is both light-hearted and serious and blends the two well.  It also covers emotions and scenarios that are/were quite taboo in American animation.  This is evedent in the butchered...

Nadia: The Secret Of Blue Water

This was a great series.  Certainly one of the more serious stories with a rather dark premise.  This is not a series for young children.  Coming in before the huge Anime popularity boom in the US – it is a...