Category: Playstation Music

Music tracks from Sony’s PlayStation console. Most of these are PSF-to-MP3 conversions of the sequenced music.


Final Fantasy IX

by Nobuo Uematsu This was actually my favorite Final Fantasy.  While FFVII was more popular, I thought it to be too reliant on full-motion video.  FFVIII was too cumbersome with constantly putzing in menus.  FFIX was a simpler and more...


Legend of Legaia Soundtrack

by Michiru Oshima Legend of Legaia took an interesting approach to the RPG battle system.  I loved how you could play with the command list and discover new combo techniques.  Healing items were a bit expensive, and the amount of...


Chrono Cross Soundtrack

by Yasunori Mitsuda This is another PSF-to-MP3 conversion.  I enjoyed Chrono Cross, though I didn’t like the poor homage it paid to the characters of the original.  Aside from Lucca, the others (including Chrono, whose name is in the title)...


Legend of Mana Soundtrack

by Yoko Shimomura This is a MP3 collection converted from the PlayStation PSF audio saved states (similar to SPC files with SNES).  While there is an official soundtrack for this game, I converted the PSF files mostly for the heck...