Category: PC Game Music

Music from PC games. These will be mostly from older DOS games since newer games have official soundtracks you can get anywhere.


Duke Nukem 3D

by Lee Jackson, Bobby Prince Ahh.  Duke Nukem 3D…  This one was a staple in my teenage years.  There were 2 2D Duke Nukem games that came before this one, but I didn’t play those until well after.  This game...


Secret of Mana – 2018 Remake

by Hiroki Kikuta This is the 2018 remake of Secret of Mana.  This title appeared on a few platforms.  This collection is from the PC version of the game – and was converted from the game’s audio files.  This soundtrack...


ROSE Online

by 임용식 I played this gem briefly in the mid-2000s along with Ragnarok Online.  I even had a beta private server for it for a while.  I was never able to get it to the point to be open for...


Ragnarok Online

by SoundTeMP (with supporting artists) Jordan (the guy that made a couple of soundtracks for Kalisto) exposed me to Ragnarok Online in the mid-2000s.  When the private server we played on went bust, that quickly led to Kalisto getting its...


Tyrian Soundtrack

by Alexander Brandon and Andreas Molnar This game takes me back to my MS-DOS days.  I played the hell out of the original shareware version of Tyrian.  It was definitely up there with Doom, Duke Nukem 3D and the like...