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Castlevania – Dracula X

by Tomoya Tomita, Masanari Iwata, Harumi Ueko, and Masahiko Kimura I have only played this title briefly, and have little memory of it.  I did not come to appreciate its great soundtrack until recently.  The “Bloodlines” track in particular is...


Mega Man IV

by Yasuaki Fujita and Minae Fujii Of the plentiful Mega Man titles on the NES, this one is also one of my favorites.  Mega Man IV also introduced the Mega Buster – the ability to charge the arm cannon for...


Mega Man III

by Yasuaki Fujita Mega Man was a staple on the NES.  There were quite a few releases on the legendary console – even well after the Super NES was established.  Mega Man III was one of my favorites.  This is...


Ultima Exodus (NES)

by Tsugutoshi Goto I got this game on sale long before I knew what a traditional RPG was.  I tried to understand it, but just didn’t get it.  It was not until years later that I would get anywhere in...


Samurai Shodown (SNES)

by Hiroo Ikeda This is the SNES port of the famed NeoGeo title Samurai Shodown.  The SNES version’s graphics were certainly inferior to the far more expensive NeoGeo.  The sound and music on the other hand saw the consoles evenly-matched. ...


TMNT IV – Turtles In Time

by Mutsuhiko Izumi, Kozo Nakamura This SNES port of the arcade game was quite a good one.  I actually prefer some of the sound affects and soundtracks over the arcade original.  Good old fashioned Konami beat-em-up fun. Download Full Album...


Mega Man X2

by Yuki Iwai I owned this one.  I found X2 to be a bit easier than X, and certainly not as revolutionary as its predecessor.  This was a fun game nonetheless.


Energy Breaker

by Yukio Nakajima, Yuusei Yamamoto, Yasunori Shiono I have never even heard of this game until just a few days ago.  I stumbled across it when perusing my SNES SPC dumps thinking it was another game.  This soundtrack is amazing! ...


Golden Axe (Sega Genesis)

by Tohru Nakabayashi I played this game quite a bit in my youth.  Both on the Sega Genesis and the arcade version.  Like many, I think, I preferred the Dwarf over the Barbarian or Amazon characters.  Definitely a fun game,...


Sonic And Knuckles & Sonic 3

by Jun Senoue This is a combined collection for Sonic and Knuckles & Sonic 3.  The Sonic 3 tracks are of much better quality than the original Sonic 3 cart.  The audio is crisper and lacks that scratchy sound the...