Category: NES Music

Music from the Nintendo Entertainment System – pulled directly from NES ROMs and converted to audio files.


Mega Man IV

by Yasuaki Fujita and Minae Fujii Of the plentiful Mega Man titles on the NES, this one is also one of my favorites.  Mega Man IV also introduced the Mega Buster – the ability to charge the arm cannon for...


Mega Man III

by Yasuaki Fujita Mega Man was a staple on the NES.  There were quite a few releases on the legendary console – even well after the Super NES was established.  Mega Man III was one of my favorites.  This is...


Ultima Exodus (NES)

by Tsugutoshi Goto I got this game on sale long before I knew what a traditional RPG was.  I tried to understand it, but just didn’t get it.  It was not until years later that I would get anywhere in...


The Legend of Zelda

by Koji Kondo Here it is!  The game that launched the Legend of Zelda franchise – and one of the best NES games ever.  This was one of my most played games on the NES.  I spent hours burning every bush...