Category: SNES Music

Music from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System console. These are converted from the SPC audio processor format pulled directly from SNES ROMs. Unless otherwise noted, music found here is converted, tagged, and given album art by Kingdom of Kalisto.


Energy Breaker

by Yukio Nakajima, Yuusei Yamamoto, Yasunori Shiono I have never even heard of this game until just a few days ago.  I stumbled across it when perusing my SNES SPC dumps thinking it was another game.  This soundtrack is amazing! ...


Super Mario Kart

by Soyo Oka This gem started the Mario Kart franchise.  While certainly overshadowed by its many successors, this one started it all.  My sisters had this one and we played often in the mid 1990s. Download Full Album – 94MB...


Super Mario World

by Koji Kondo Yep.  Mario’s first foray into the 16-bit era.  This was probably the most popular game on the SNES.  It came with mine and was certainly a classic.  Its about time I got around to posting this legendary...


Super Mario All-Stars

by Koji Kondo A classic for anyone that had a SNES.  This was a re-release of classic NES Mario games (1, 2, and 3) with upgraded graphics and sound.  Also included was the Lost Levels, which was Super Mario Bros....



by Hideki Suzuki I never finished this game, but did enjoy it when I played.  I especially loved its soundtrack – specifically Atland (the town you start in). Download Full Album – 133MB – 48khz 320kbps MP3


Secret of Mana Soundtrack – Re-Post

by Hiroki Kikuta This is a re-post.  Despite my best efforts last conversion, I still noticed snares cutting out.  This SNES game is the only one I know of that does this.  Since I have my HT Omega Claro sound...


Legend of the Mystical Ninja

by Kazuhiko Uehara This was a fun as well as a funny game to play.  The cut-scenes were hilarious.  The game started out fairly easy, but ramped up in difficulty very quickly.  The music is catchy and very Japanese.


Mega Man X3 (SNES)

by Kinuyo Yamashita My favorite of the SNES-released Mega Man X series.  I especially loved Zero’s intro theme that played in the opening stage.  It pretty much let you know “Don’t mess with this guy”.


Seiken Densetsu 3

by Hiroki Kikuta This little gem was only released in Japan.  Though it is often referred to as “Secret of Mana 2”, it is actually not a sequel according to its development team.  I have never managed to get far...