Category: Music


Illusion of Gaia Soundtrack

by Yasuhiro Kawasaki This is another MP3 collection made from converting SNES SPC files.  Like the others, I bumped the sample rate all the way to 192khz for great quality.  I really enjoyed this game.


Chrono Trigger Soundtrack

by Yasunori Mitsuda This is a MP3 collection made from converting SPC audio files.  I raised the sampling and bit rates as high as possible before writing to WAV.  Then converted to 320kbps MP3.  The quality is quite good.  This...


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

by Fred Wolf Films This is the opening theme music from the 1980’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.  The quality is pretty good.  I manually added the album art and ID tags as none exists that I could find.

Memory of Ragnarok

by Lee Seock-Jin This is a soundtrack from Ragnarok Online based on various pieces of the background music from the game.  Several of these titles are voiced in Korean.

Kingdom of Kalisto Soundtrack

by Jordan Shih Jordan composed a collection of music tracks exclusively for the Kingdom of Kalisto in 2005. For the most part, these are themes of various towns in the Kingdom.  Enjoy.

Secret of Mana Genesis

by 菊田裕樹 This is an arranged (synthesized) re-mix of a portion of the Secret of Mana soundtrack.  It sounds wonderful compared to the Super Nintendo original, but the synthetic nature is obvious.  Some of my favorite pieces from the game are...


by Medley and Filmation This is the extended version of the He-Man opening theme.  Also present here is a remix with an electric rock guitar.  These were stand-alone files, so I manually added the ID tags and Album Art.