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Starfox 64

by Koji Kondo This was the first game I bought for the N64 – partly because it included a Rumble Pak.  It was instantly one of my favorites.  In my opinion, it was the best Starfox game of them all.  This...


Donkey Kong Country

by David Wise I was wowed by the graphics of this title when I first played it.  It was by far one of the best looking games of its time.  There was plenty of quality play to back it up...



by Hajime Hirasawa Starfox is certainly best known for its ushering in of the 3D era for consoles with its SuperFX co-processor.  I enjoyed the game quite a bit.  I enjoyed its remake on the N64 even more.


Secret of Evermore Soundtrack

by Jeremy Soule Jeremy Soule – yes, the guy most known for scoring several Elder Scrolls games (Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim) started out on a quirky SNES action RPG from Squaresoft…  I only played this game a few times (rental)...


Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals Soundtrack

by Yasunori Shiono Another SNES SPC-to-MP3 conversion.  My brother and I spent a bit of time on this one as well.  While I liked both SNES Lufia games, I preferred this one.  This one didn’t seem slow like the first...


Mega Man X

by Setsuo Yamamoto I played this little gem quite a bit.  I love the track that plays when Zero jumps in against Vile in the opening stage.  While the most difficult of the MMX games for the SNES for me,...


Super Mario RPG Soundtrack

by Yoko Shimomura This soundtrack is another SPC-to-MP3 conversion.  Again, sample and bitrate are as high as possible before being written to WAV and then to 320kbps MP3.  This was a great game that I played quite a bit.  It...


Legend of Mana Soundtrack

by Yoko Shimomura This is a MP3 collection converted from the PlayStation PSF audio saved states (similar to SPC files with SNES).  While there is an official soundtrack for this game, I converted the PSF files mostly for the heck...


Illusion of Gaia Soundtrack

by Yasuhiro Kawasaki This is another tile I played quite a bit.  While published by Enix in Japan, the game was developed by Quintet. This game had a great soundtrack that also really matched well with the game-play.  I found...