Author: Nemo


Super Mario All-Stars

by Koji Kondo A classic for anyone that had a SNES.  This was a re-release of classic NES Mario games (1, 2, and 3) with upgraded graphics and sound.  Also included was the Lost Levels, which was Super Mario Bros....


Star Fox 64 3D

by Satomi Terui The 3DS/2DS systems are certainly not retro, but Star Fox 64 is – and this is a re-make of that classic.  The music of this version is a vast improvement over the original – which was pretty...


Chrono Trigger (NDS version)

by Yasunori Mitsuda I know.  The NDS is not really a retro gaming device, but Chrono Trigger is a retro game.  I converted this soundtrack because many of the tracks sound distinctly different from the SNES original.  I would not...


Tyrian Soundtrack

by Alexander Brandon and Andreas Molnar This game takes me back to my MS-DOS days.  I played the hell out of the original shareware version of Tyrian.  It was definitely up there with Doom, Duke Nukem 3D and the like...


Update 2/1/2018 – I added a “new-old stock” wallpaper that I had in my incomplete projects folder for a few years.  It was pretty much complete, but I wanted to add something more…and never did, so it sat for like...


Final Fantasy IX

by Nobuo Uematsu This was actually my favorite Final Fantasy.  While FFVII was more popular, I thought it to be too reliant on full-motion video.  FFVIII was too cumbersome with constantly putzing in menus.  FFIX was a simpler and more...



by Hideki Suzuki I never finished this game, but did enjoy it when I played.  I especially loved its soundtrack – specifically Atland (the town you start in). Download Full Album – 133MB – 48khz 320kbps MP3


Secret of Mana Soundtrack – Re-Post

by Hiroki Kikuta This is a re-post.  Despite my best efforts last conversion, I still noticed snares cutting out.  This SNES game is the only one I know of that does this.  Since I have my HT Omega Claro sound...