The Legend of Zelda

by Koji Kondo

Here it is!  The game that launched the Legend of Zelda franchise – and one of the best NES games ever.  This was one of my most played games on the NES.  I spent hours burning every bush with the candle and placing bombs everywhere I could.  I think I found every secret in this game – on the first quest.  Strangely, despite the amount of time I spent, I never completed the second quest…

Download Full Album – 35MB 44Khz 320kbps MP3


Nemo Aurathan - King of Kalisto

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  1. Nemo says:

    Oh, and by the way. These are in stereo. The NES produces mono sound, but the NES chiptune plugin I use defaults to stereo output – and I left it that way. I know its not “pure”, but sounds WAY better in my opinion.

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