I have tried a few times in past months without success to compile the rAthena Ragnarok Online server emulator on my Raspberry Pi 3.  Well, just for grins, I pulled the latest source the other day and took another crack at it – BINGO!  Looks like the latest source will compile on armhf arch.  Since the previous KalistoRO server was well in its infancy, I just elected to go with a clean database rather than mess with pulling over the existing data.

So far, the server runs quite well.  While I have not had the time to really hammer it, the bit of stress-testing I have done has been absorbed by the Raspberry Pi with it not even breaking a sweat.

The KalistoRO is still in beta (it pretty much always has been), but up and running.  So, go grab the client and go to town!

KalistoRO Beta Client

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Nemo Aurathan - King of Kalisto

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  1. Nemo says:

    A bit more than a week in and so far so good. I am trying to get some active players in the server to give it a good test.

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