Ragnarok Online on Linux!

I have finally figured out something I have tried for a while to get going – how to get my custom Ragnarok Online client to run in Ubuntu. As I have been trying to slowly transition away from Windows, this as one of the things holding me back. The Beta RO server itself has been on Linux for a while (I just moved it to a new VM). Now I can actually PLAY RO on a Linux machine. This is huge.

Those familiar with Linux have most likely heard of Wine – the suite of software that allows Windows applications to run natively in Linux. Then there is Play-on-Linux – which is an awesome Wine front-end. Now, Play-on-Linux has had a RO script for a while, but only for the official RO client’s installer. The script for RO will not complete unless I point to a valid installer…

Then the answer was staring me in the face. The description of what components the script installed was right there when I highlight Ragnarok Online to install…So here’s what I did: I just went to through the motions of creating a “drive” for RO to the point of needing the setup exe – and cancelled. This left the drive. In Play-on-Linux Settings, I added the packages the script would have via the Install Components Tab: vcrun6, vcrun 2008, DirectX 9. I then copied the RO client directory to the “drive”. Then I just manually ran the Setup and KalistoRO.exe files from Play-on-Linux.

It works wonderfully! Kingdom of Kalisto Ragnarok Online in Ubuntu!!



Nemo Aurathan - King of Kalisto

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  1. Nemo says:

    This method works beautifully on CentOS 7 with GNOME as well. I imagine it will work on any Linux distro and X environment you can install Play-on-Linux on…

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