Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S

I have no experience with this series yet.  I just have its artbook set.  It looks interesting enough to check into one day.


Lucky Star

by Hirano Aya, Katou Emiri, Fukuhara Kaori, Endou Aya Here are few tracks from Lucky Star – the beginning and ending title pieces – each with and without vocals.


Shimada Fumikane – Art Works of Strike Witches

Here is a collection of high-resolution scans of an artbook for Strike Witches.  I have no experience with this series as of yet, but it looks interesting enough.  These are rather large PNG files.  The whole collection tips the scales...


Street Fighter Tribute

This is a collection of fan art for the Street Fighter series.  From the looks of it, it starts with the original Street Fighter all the way to Street Fighter IV.


Capcom Design Works

This is an artbook collection by the video game designer/publisher Capcom.  It features art for various series including Street Fighter, Mega Man, Rival Schools as well as others.


Fantasia – Fairy Tail Illustrations

This is an artbook scan collection for Fairy Tail.  This is manga series I have not gotten to yet, but may eventually.  These are very high resolution images, so the entire collection is about 550MB.


Sonic the Hedgehog 2

by Masato Nakamura While I was mostly a Nintendo guy in my console days, my best friend had a Genesis.  We played the hell out of this game – especially the 2-player mode.  Otherwise, one of us would grab the...


Donkey Kong 64 DK Rap Intro

This HAS to be one of the most hilarious video game intros I have ever seen!  Just watch it – I don’t really need to say any more…


Donkey Kong 64

by Grant Kirkhope The DK Rap has to be one of the corniest, most hilarious game intros I have even seen…  This game rocked.  Expansive, very pretty (for the time) and challenging while not being impossible.  Each character had…character.  Facial expressions, vocal...