Secret of Mana Soundtrack – Re-Post

by Hiroki Kikuta This is a re-post.  Despite my best efforts last conversion, I still noticed snares cutting out.  This SNES game is the only one I know of that does this.  Since I have my HT Omega Claro sound...



I have tried a few times in past months without success to compile the rAthena Ragnarok Online server emulator on my Raspberry Pi 3.  Well, just for grins, I pulled the latest source the other day and took another crack...


Legend of Legaia Soundtrack

by Michiru Oshima Legend of Legaia took an interesting approach to the RPG battle system.  I loved how you could play with the command list and discover new combo techniques.  Healing items were a bit expensive, and the amount of...


Legend of the Mystical Ninja

by Kazuhiko Uehara This was a fun as well as a funny game to play.  The cut-scenes were hilarious.  The game started out fairly easy, but ramped up in difficulty very quickly.  The music is catchy and very Japanese.


Mega Man X3 (SNES)

by Kinuyo Yamashita My favorite of the SNES-released Mega Man X series.  I especially loved Zero’s intro theme that played in the opening stage.  It pretty much let you know “Don’t mess with this guy”.


Perfect Dark (N64) Soundtrack

by Grant Kirkhope Perfect Dark.  Possibly the most popular first-person shooter of its day.  This game had features and capabilities that others (even PC games) could only dream of.  I played the hell out of this game.  If you set...


Daria Theme – You’re Standing On My Neck

by Splendora This is the opening theme to the Daria animated series on MTV.  The series ran from 1997 to 2002.  This track is surprisingly hard to find.  The quality is not great.  The bitrate is fine, so it may...


Diddy Kong Racing

by David Wise On the surface, this may seem like a Mario Kart clone.  Play it a bit and you will find it is VERY different.  I think both Diddy Kong Racing and Mario Kart 64 had their strengths and...


Seiken Densetsu 3

by Hiroki Kikuta This little gem was only released in Japan.  Though it is often referred to as “Secret of Mana 2”, it is actually not a sequel according to its development team.  I have never managed to get far...